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Tata founded Tata Harper, the eponymous all-natural skincare line, because she was fed up with all of the toxins and carcinogens found in so many skincare lines. Tata’s headquarters–her farm in Vermont, where many of the ingredients are sourced–are also home, where she lives with her husband and two children, Hunter Laurence, 2, and Grace Paloma, 1,

Her background: Born in Colombia (“to a mother and grandmother who loved making homemade beauty remedies”), she has a degree in industrial engineering.

Beauty routine: “The six beauty products I created for the face. They have not failed me.” She didn’t start taking shortcuts once she became a mom. “I always hear women say they don’t have time for beauty, but I have timed my routine and it takes approximately one minute*.”

Her other beauty routine: “I make a point to bathe with my kids every day in the tub, usually before their bedtime. I prepare it with salts, aromatherapy, and bubble bath. It is so much fun and so wonderful to know that no matter how stressful a day is that once I get in the bathe with my babies everything else seems to matter less.”

Time-saving strategies: Sneaking in calls and meetings during the kids’ naptimes; exercising and emailing when they’re asleep at night. And “we literally buy everything online,” she says. “It really saves me time.”

Favorite family activities: Skiing in the winter, visiting corn mazes the fall, and hanging out at Lake Champlain in the summer

Go-to kids’ snacks: Drinkable yogurt, little pizzas topped with vegetables, or Chocolate Amazing Grass powder mixed into milk. “It’s great way for them to get more greens, but it tastes like chocolate milk.”

Organizational tricks: “I like to keep their supplies organized in baskets and trunks by activities—arts and crafts, building blocks, trains and railroad—more than by person. In that way they know what to reach out for.”

Best bang-for-her-buck kids’ purchase: Anything from Crew Cuts and Baby Gap. “They have affordable prices and have almost everything you need in every color. I usually buy a couple things at a time in different sizes for when they grow.”

Favorite websites: Huffington Post, Well and Good NYC (“those girls do their research and are great journalists”) Eco Stiletto, Eco Fabulous, the Environmental Working Group, and makeup artist Christy Coleman’s blog.

Best piece of parenting advice ever received: “Do not be afraid of letting the kids experience the world and take them everywhere! Take them in the cold, in the rain, in pools, on trains, in planes, in barns, in zoos, and sometimes even literally let them eat dirt. This continually reminds me that I want my children to experience all that there is to offer in the world.”

*One minute?! We pushed Tata to give us the second-by-second breakdown:
Cleanse with regenerating cleanser: 15 seconds
Spray with floral essence until skin is damp: 5 seconds
Gently rub in one pump serum to damp skin: 10 seconds
Gently rub in one pump of moisturizer: 10 seconds
Apply eye cream: 10 seconds
Apply replenishing nutrient complex: 10 seconds


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  1. Posted by: Melisse

    Thanks, Tata! This made me think how a lot of New York women have an “ah-ha” skin-care moment when they have children—that what they apply to their skin should to be as clean as what they and their families eat. I’m super impressed by the amount of rigor and care that Tata Harper puts into her luxe and lovely line of clean products. This artisanal approach is definitely at the forefront of beauty and wellness trends: http://bit.ly/gapwwj

  2. This is a really great blog. Thx to the auther

  3. Posted by: Madilla

    I liked her organizational tricks about children toy storage so much that I wrote about it in my blog (it’s about home organization). Thank you for this inspirational post.

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