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She’s the designer of the clothing line Two which she started after having her first baby, because she wanted to create comfortable and beautiful pieces to wear. She’s also doing some clothing now for kids, inspired by her own Henri (3 1/2) and Lucie, (2).

Give us a little background on yourself/what you do/how you came to it. How much did becoming a parent shape what your business is?

I am originally from California. My parents are from India and Italy thus the interest in the fabrics. My mother had a store from the day I was born and always carried interesting and new designers…In ’96 I moved to New York, where my first job was at Barneys  working for Simon Doonan. Then I worked at a few magazines and moved to Italy in the fall of ’01 where I worked for Prada.

A few years later I returned got married and had the kids.My father being Indian and mother being Italian made for a great mix at the wedding in Liguria…I had my aunts and cousins arrive in gorgeous sarees and we were floored…. it was so beautiful against such a great backdrop. When I was pregnant with no.2 a girlfriend and I worked on creating some pieces from saris. I had always wanted to work with Indian textiles and this happened very organically..

Becoming a parent plays a huge part in it. It gave me the courage to just go for it and I knew I had to do a lot of the ground work before no.2 came! I love being a parent and that is job no.1 and I am very passionate about what I am working with. It’s great to see how people respond to the pieces..

I try to take on only what I can handle so I can go home and relax and focus on my kids.

Do you work in a home office, and if you do, how do you deal with working from home and having 2 young kids under 5 around?!

I have a desk and work area but I work out of my studio. My kids often raid my desk so nothing is spared.

Do you always wear your clothing line, or is there one thing you are always in? Out of your line, whats the biggest seller, or the one item you would say is your favorite?

I wear all sorts of things..my line consists of handwoven cotton fabrics so I save them for warm weather.. But I am experimenting with other weights right now and khadi cottons so I do mix in a few items here and there. The biggest seller is the Monica caftan. It has a good range of fit and it’s an easy piece. I have a new khadi shirt which is my favorite piece I am so excited about.

Do you have to travel alot for work, and if so, how do you handle that–do the kids come with, or do you do just short stints?

I either pray my parents will take them for a few weeks in California or I do a short stint. I just got back from India, right after Hurricane Sandy. My poor husband ended up without a sitter for a full week with two kids, no heat or hot water and a flooded basement.

What would you say is your “mom uniform”?

Right now it’s fitted acne jeans, a big sweater and coat, scarf-and my vans…(which match my son’s).

Do you cook much–if you don’t, what are your ways around not cooking, and if you do, what are your go-tos–both for yourself, and for your kids?

I cook sometimes..I am a high carb pasta loving person, so we cook pastina, pasta in a variety of ways…chicken…when we need a break we order in Japanese-miso soup and rice for the kids, they’re really into that right now.

What’s your weeknight family routine?

Now that it’s winter I am moving everything up-baths, eating etc. so they eat early between 5-6. I am re-enforcing bedtime as over summer they were up late…

How do you celebrate your kids’ birthdays?

We—especially I—love One Girl Cookie (a bakery in Brooklyn). My kids love the cupcakes too so that’s our top priority. I ask them what they want and we try to do it. My son has a January birthday so last year we tried the NY Kids club and everyone was happy. They did a good job.

Best kid purchase/bang for your buck?

Well we always got bang for our buck at the Gap I would say. Usually I get some basic pieces there and then work around it with our other favorites for the kids. I also love love love the Wovenplay tights for girls. they are way too cute on my two year old.

Any rules about TV/screens?

Yes stand back ten feet. They can watch tv or a movie before bed.

What websites inspire you and for which parts of your life?

Wheff! I have a lot of websites bookmarked but no time to get back to them. Off the top of my head: I love to shop on Lagarconne.com lately. L-attitude.com has a great travel guide. I love i-escape.com if I want to find kid-friendly boutique hotels..

What’s a typical weekend like?

If sunny we get in our bikes or do errands while we stop off at every other park on the way. If rainy we visit friends or organize some, play dates and a nice lunch out..

What’s the thing that always stays on your to-do list and never gets crossed off and nags at you?

Photos and photo albums, birthday announcements..organizing our home is a constant issue..

Do you have a fail-safe beauty product or routine?

Not really..I am trying out new products right now- I do love Laura Mercier foundation and I am trying out some items from Elemental Herbology—they smell great. I barely get any alone time. so I can’t be too ambitious with all the skin regimes out there…

Best family trip?

Our most recent best family trip- we went to Martha’s Vineyard with my son’s friends from class. Three families shared one gorgeous house and we had a great time—the kids were so happy and the weather was great. We are planning to do the same in Europe this summer.

Where did you grow up? Do you have family near you? 

I grew up in the South Bay, near Cupertino. My parents are still there. I learned to drive a stick shift in the Apple parking lot in 1988.

Any personal/parenting “a-ha” tips?

Well when my son gets upset and gets cranky I have started a new tactic where I let him know that I realize he is upset and we cuddle for sec and chat about it and it helps change his mood.

You feel your best when?

My home is clean and organized and our faces are scrubbed.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Traveling the world and checking out every nook and cranny.

Proudest moment in parenting?

My kids make me proud everyday. Sometimes they are angels and other times they are completely crazy (only with me ). Often enough they give a good please and thank you. They are really huggable, inquisitive, happy and I am so lucky.

Best parenting advice you ever got?

I am still waiting for it. I may need it when I reach the teen years.

All studio pictures taken by Jennifer Causey for The Makers Project.


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