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A former magazine editor and mother of two turns her expert fashion eye and love of the hunt into the fantastic fashion website, LE CATCH. From Forever 21 to Marni and everything in between, Marlien scours the internet to serve up the best finds and looks, teaching her readers to combine high and low with confidence.

First, tell us about your family, as well as your jobs (have you officially left Lucky?), both official and unofficial, so I get titles straight!

I am married and have two boys, ages 4 and 6. I am the founder and author of LE CATCH (I just left my long-time gig as Lucky Magazine’s West Coast Editor to do LE CATCH full-time.)

With all that you already do, what made you decide to launch Le Catch? (We love it, by the way!)

My friends on both coasts have long been enamored with my penchant for mixing Zara and Marni, Topshop and vintage designer. For years these same friends have been lobbying (demanding really!) for me to do a site like this, even just for their personal benefit!

And how do you have time to do it? Do you do it at midnight like we do?

I work around the clock–in spurts. I have a long stretch while the kids are at school. I will also sneak away to my computer while the pasta water is boiling or the chicken is cooking! Sometimes I wake up at 5AM to get stuff done before everyone wakes up, and usually I will work after the kids go to bed.

What’s a day in your life look like? Do you do dropoff? Do you make breakfast, lunch, or dinner? If yes, is there any am prep you do for dinner that helps you for when you get home? We love details like what do you do in the morning to streamline getting out of the house?

Usually, I am woken up between 6 and 6:30 by one or both of my sons, who will crawl into bed with me. From that moment on, it’s a mad rush to pack their lunches, make breakfast, get them dressed, hair and teeth brushed (invariably the hardest part!) and be out the door on time. I try to lay out their clothes the night before, but LA weather is sometimes quite mercurial. Hot one day, foggy and freezing, the next! (Fortunately, my husband is a surfer, and thus always knows what the weather’s doing, so when in doubt, I just ask him.) I always walk my kids to their classrooms every morning and get them settled in (as I know that soon enough they’ll be wanting me to drop them off a block away from school!). Dinner is usually a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants operation. I am far from a gifted cook, but I try–some days harder than others!

What’s your go-to weekday family dinner?

Roasted chicken, roasted cauliflower and brussel sprouts, and rice. Yes, my kids love cauliflower and brussel sprouts – who knew?!

What do you do for exercise?

I love to run most days, and also go to yoga and Soul Cycle classes and dabble in P90x workouts alongside my husband.

What are the organizing systems you can’t live without?

Believe it or not, the anchor of my organization is still a paper calendar book!

Do you still use notebooks? If so, do you have a favorite?

Friends of mine gave me a gray leather Hermes notebook, engraved with LE CATCH, when I first launched my blog (payback for doing their bidding and finally launching LE CATCH!) It makes me feel fancy and chic, and glad to have thoughtful friends.

How often do you entertain?

I don’t entertain as much as I would like, but when I do, it typically revolves around my children! Our house is ideal for daytime entertaining, as we have a spacious (for LA) backyard. We are big on casual family barbecues and weekend brunches and letting the kids swim and play. Late afternoon potluck play dates that involve very good, very much deserved wine (for the adults, course!) are also very popular at our house. We also do a bit of entertaining down at the beach, as the only thing better than that nice glass of wine is that nice glass of wine with sand between your toes.

What is the ideal entertaining setup with kids in terms of food, etc?

My kids have a California-healthy appetite that’s sated by everything from grilled artichokes and crispy kale to roasted brussel sprouts and chicken tacos. Of course, they will also gladly mow down any ice cream, cookies or candy that crosses their path.

Do you have certain hard and fast rules about what you will and won’t skip re the kids?

Besides family dinners at the kitchen table most nights a week, we always read books before bedtime. We also make a point of eating breakfast together. Even if it’s harried and rushed, it’s a nice way to connect before everyone runs off and does their thing.

What would your “plan b” be? Or are you doing it?

After working as a magazine editor for many years, I am excited to be entrepreneuring on my own and focused on LE CATCH. I really feel like I have the best gig in town–being able to work for myself from home, see my kids when they come home from school and do what I absolutely love. So, I actually have not even thought about a Plan B!


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