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Art director, blogger, co-owner of bake shop Whimsy & Spice (which she runs with her husband, Mark, a pastry chef), and mom to Mia, 6, and Claudine, 4. She’s the founder of SweetFineDay.com, where she writes about her family and business life, thoughtfully covering everything from shoe shopping and booty shaking to the “big issues” (read her post on raising girls).

Her uniform: Jeans with a tunic-style top or a striped shirt, and a cardigan with a blazer if it’s cold, tan nubuck boots from Coclico, navy messenger tote from Clare Vivier, and knot necklace from Ismodern.

Last song she downloaded: Y Control by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. “But I’ve also been on a early 90s rock kick lately.”

Fail-safe beauty product: Aveda’s anti-humectant pomade. “I’ve been using it for over 15 years. My hair is really thick and somewhat coarse and a small bit of this product adds shine and tames my hair.”

Best kid purchase: An army green nylon winter Catimini coat, with a hot pink lining and faux fur collar with a hood, from eBay years ago for $25. “Between the two girls, that coat has lasted five years.”

Shopping secret: Buying big. “If I see something that I like and it’s a reasonable price, I’ll buy it even if the only size available is a larger size that the girls might not fit into for another year. This way, I don’t find myself in a lurch when new seasons roll around and the kids have hit growth spurts. I’ve been able to outfit them well on a tight budget this way, plus it’s like Christmas when you find all these cool clothes that you forgot you bought a year ago way back in the drawers.”

Bedtime ritual: Reading the Zoo-ology Book. “The girls play different games at each reading (which animal do you want to be on this page? Can you spot the sloth?) or quiz each other about animal facts. They totally get into it.”

Go-to rainy-day activity: “Tea parties with lots of finger sandwiches, snacks, mini cookies, and tea. If we want to be really fancy and have extra time, Mark will bake mini cupcakes for the girls to decorate with all sorts of different sprinkles.”


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  1. We love Jenna! She is super smart and sweet. Great choice!

  2. Posted by: Barbie

    Such an adorable picture! Already love her blog!

  3. Posted by: Lady-in-Grey

    Jenna, i’m your fanblog.
    Cheer up!!! 😉

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