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One of our most creative, favorite friends, sat down with us and gave us the skinny on getting dressed and out the door, and then some.

Tell us what your “mom unform” is…like, what do you wear when doing drop-off at school?

There’s a big gap between casual and put-together. It’s like—lay out your clothes—you know you’re a mom when you see more people before 9am than you ever did. I have to dress for day to night, because I go straight to work after drop-off, so I pull something out the night before. Why add more stress in the morning? I literally get my outfit and my lunch ready the night before, like I’m in school.

I do a dress that I can put higher shoes with. I guess the gap I mentioned above is kind of the difference of looking like you’re going to the gym, or going to a job. If you look sloppy you feel disorganized. I do wear sneakers though all the time now and even with dresses…looks cool and not so “fancy ” all the time.

A skinny jean with a chunky but hight heel, which is comfortable, and a good jacket that adds polish. Could be a wrap, a cape. Or a tote. Even shades! (And with those, you don’t have to do makeup!)

I wear open toe sandals year-round. I like sandals with tights and socks. And I like boots with dresses—it’s a quick solution. Boots with bare legs and a dress. But I LOVE socks and sandals.

It’s good to experiment, but not every morning!

walking gigi to school

So what about makeup?

I wear lipstick and shades.


What do you do for your girls’ school lunch?

I have a setup. A corner in two cabinets filled with supplies from Costco. I make a sandwich, and they have it with a fresh fruit/vegetable. A granola bar, fruit roll-up, rice cakes. I send them with a Bobble bottle—they love it, because they fill it up at school, so it’s light.

What are your go-to birthday gifts?

I like books for presents. When there are two or three birthdays in a weekend, I buy five of whatever book we’re into. Once Hilary Knight was signing books at the Plaza Hotel, so I bought 20 signed copies, and they were a great present. Another hit was buying a see-saw for twins. I found it online by typing in “wooden see-saw”.

What about bedtime—any rituals?

I always read to them. Even Kit who is 13 and wants to chill. Recently we read Little House on the Prairie. I have a time cap of 15 minutes of reading. I like to get them in the mood by saying things like “close your eyes, smell the campfire…” Then I read really slow, and in a quiet voice. Sometimes I read the same page. In a really monotone voice…then I take it down. Sometimes I fake falling asleep.

Gigi’s full on Fatal Attraction. She’ll be snoring, she’s that asleep, but the minute I get out of her bed, she will grab me and not let me leave. She doesn’t want to miss anything.

What’s your dinner routine?

Everybody cooks—everyone sets the table. We have a point system. They’ll do anything for points. Which they can redeem for dollars at preapproved stores like bookstores or Apple. Gigi keeps sweeping, over, and over.

cynthia painting

How do you feel about compliments?

You have to be encouraging and supportive, but you don’t want them to be entitled. People should be thoughtful about compliments.


Thoughts on travel?

We travel all the time and can do so much in one weekend. We did the Grand Canyon in three days, including travel. If you know what you’re going to see and don’t over do it. We are frantic travelers because we don’t what them to miss school, and for my business I can’t anyway. But we are going to Bhutan in March!

I asked the girls their favorite things to do and they said travel. You get to be with your kids 24  hours a day and that’s awesome. You go to sleep, wake up, and have the whole day together.

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  1. Posted by: monica

    so sweet. + I agree on travel and I am guilty of reading in a monotone voice.

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