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Founder and creative force behind the Anya Hindmarch label, she is also the mother of five children, Hugo, 22, Tia, 20, Bert, 18, Felix, 10, and Otto, 7.

Weekday schedule: “There is nothing typical, as there is a range of ages and stages of the year. Sometimes it is a full house and other times there can be one child home. I have two children at University and one on a gap year, one in boarding school and one at day school in London. My husband and I work full-time together and we have a live in Nanny who holds the fort!”

How she keeps it together: “I think children are more affected by the mood of their parents than anything else, so being happy is the most important thing you can do for them. My strategy is to have enough support to make sure that no one is being constantly rushed or nagged, and then the mood is light and everyone is having fun.”

Go-to dinner: “I am a hopeless cook. Luckily my husband is a great one. My go-to meals are take-out free-range roast chickens. My children think of that as their home cooking!”

Weekday uniform: Trousers, brogues, man’s shirt, scarf, Marni jacket, and an AH Maxi Zip Satchel to organize all my stuff.

Weekend uniform: Current/Elliott jeans, Converse, a vest, a cardigan, a scarf, an AH Barbour jacket, and an AH hands-free bag

Fail-safe beauty routine: A massage

Favorite kind of party: “With lots of friends and children’s friends at home and long lazy multigenerational tables of people and noisy debate.”

Last great family vacation: “It is hard to find a holiday that suits all ages, but generally it is the most fun when we are with another family as everyone ‘raises their game’ or when the kids have friends join us. I like to do things together as this is precious family time for me as I have to travel so much for work.”

How she manages work trips: “By leaving on Monday morning and returning Friday evening, so I don’t miss weekends, which makes it much more bearable. And by having good constant support system at home so that the kids don’t feel lost when I travel and so I don’t feel worried to leave them.”

Best bang-for-her-buck purchase: Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Legos

Favorite kids’ book: Struelpeter

Photos: Emma Hardy (Thank you Emma for letting us use these low-res scans from your contact sheets. They look beautiful to us.)


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  1. Love this woman! I’ve read many profiles of her over the years and she comes across consistently as bright, light-hearted and thoughtful. It gives me more than a tiny, but absurd thrill that my office resembles hers. (little things make happy!)

  2. Posted by: sunny

    Love this glimpse into her day and her favorite things. Thank you!

  3. I love the photos and the little peek into Anya’s life. These are my favorite kind of posts: getting a peek at someone else life, schedule, family, home, and family activities. Please post more of these!!

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