Not a city getaway, but another world. This one works for multiple families.

This is the first year in a few that my husband and I won’t be taking our two boys out of the country for Thanksgiving and we are regretting it. It’s the perfect time to travel as few Americans leave the US, which means more and cheaper international flights, and the weather is usually not yet truly cold.  If you are willing to pull the kids out of school for that Monday and Tuesday,  you could leave the  Friday before Thanksgiving and capture the entire week. You simply can’t beat the math and it’s a bankable annual plan as the holiday falls predictably on that final November Thursday of every year. We took them to Paris one year and then Rome, Florence and Venice the next. We have been renovating our weekend place (we live in New York City) for 18 months and were planning on christening it with a weekend with family and friends. Now that the place isn’t even close to being done, I suddenly have the urge to find an apartment rental somewhere in Europe. There are even still many deals to be had. First stop? Kid & Coe, a very carefully vetted rental service that caters specifically to families. We featured them when they first launched because of high taste level, good prices, and attunement to the true needs of parents. There is a great looking apartment in Vienna and we hear from many credible sources that there is a boom going on. Lots of great art and restaurants and a very manageable city for families. I might just search for a cheap flight to a city like Vienna, Munich, Belgium, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and see what I can find or see whether I can redeem some of my miles. I just did a little sleuthing around and there are still nonstop tickets to be had for $760 a piece. In other words, it’s not too late!


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  1. I love this idea!! And I had no idea that overseas tickets could actually be cheaper this time of year. We had the same exact thing happen to us…..planned on a lovely autumn weekend at our new cabin thinking renovation would be done months ago, only to find that north woods tradespeople have a different concept of time than we do. Hmmmm. I think I will escape by planning next year’s Thanksgiving trip.

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