Our friend Cory came to our house for a weekend with her three year old son, and whipped out the super lightweight Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib. (You’d think that after five years at a parenting magazine I’d have discovered this, or at least have heard about it.) Granted, the price-tag is high (around $225), but the good news is she’s been using it for three years. That’s because the bottom of the bed sits on the floor, so there isn’t any base for your kid to break. And because it’s extra wide and long, it fit not only a three year old, but also my seven year old.


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  1. Posted by: mamamary

    Agree. The BEST PnP ever! I got it for less at a few years ago, plus they have free shipping. Any time I take it out both my kids fight over who’s sleeping there. Not to mention it can’t be easier to pop up and down.

  2. Posted by: gregg

    and they are so light!
    super easy to bring on a plane.

  3. I maintain the best pack n play is the one you borrow from the hotel or rent at your destination. You schlep so much when you travel with a kid that I’m always looking for more things I and leave home rather than new things to bring along.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      I agree Eileen—this is a great option for families going to stay with friends or family.

  4. Posted by: Irene

    I too love this travel crib! Having just come back from an overly ambitious 10-day trip up and down CA with a five-month-old, involving multiple hotels and a vacation rental, I can honestly say that I would rather “lug” this along (it’s actually pretty light) than borrow a pack n’ play or crib from a hotel again. They varied so much in quality and safety that I was actually afraid to put my baby in a few of them. Shoddily put-together, old, stinky, rickety, hard to sleep on, and in one case the mattress cover wasn’t even fitted — just a too-big sheet stuffed around it and tucked in at bottom. I’m no paranoid mom, but even I could see this was a suffocation hazard waiting to happen. And we’re talking nice hotels here! For safety and consistency’s sake, I recommend investing in a travel crib you like and bringing it along with you every time.

  5. Posted by: Joy

    Love this one! So light in comparison and so much easier to put up and break down! Love that the carrier is ergonomic and much easier to carry as luggage!

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