My husband has a joke that I start planning every trip the minute we embark on the current one. And true to the cliche, it’s funny because it’s true. I have a running list of all the places I want to go. And with kids, that planning urge feels even more intense–there are so many trips I can’t wait to take with them. So many experiences I can’t wait for them to have! Here, my right-this-very-moment, top-five dream list.

El Cosmico. Texas

My husband is one of those guys who thinks camping is a roadside motel with starchy thread count-less sheets. I think he’s just intimidated by setting up the tent and cooking food on an open fire. I’m pretty sure if I eliminated those two terrifying elements, he’d be game. The super hip El Cosmico is my gateway drug.

Fincas Las Nubas, Nicaragua

We’ve almost booked this place two different times. Lush jungle, wild monkeys that swing from the trees, an organic farm, rugged beach, and an open-air house outfitted by furniture made from the surrounding trees. Once when I was talking to the owner on the phone about traveling with an infant and asked if they had a crib, he said, “No, but that’s no problem–we’ll just make you one.”

Saugerties Lighthouse, New York

Sure it’s a little corny, but what kids wouldn’t flip to stay in an old lighthouse! With a two-year-old still in diapers, I’m hesitant to commit to the half-mile hike to this stone lighthouse inn with all our gear. But as soon as my kids can both carry their own backpacks, I’m booking one of the two rooms.

The Parkamoor, England

Everyone’s so busy, who doesn’t love the idea of spending a quiet week with their family in a rustic, stone farmhouse with no electricity? In the English countryside! Decorated by an contemporary arts group! It just gets better and better.

Le Leiu Perdu, France

Before I even had kids, I wanted to spend a month or two in France during the summer with them. They’re growing up fast, so I plan to keep this absolutely perfect and amazing house on my list until it’s officially crossed off.

For more travel ideas and inspiration, check out Meghan’s fantastic blog Designtripper.


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  1. Posted by: Jay

    Wow! You’ve got great vacation picks. I even wana stay at a road side motel! I will definitely have to look into that.
    I am starring this entry for sure! I’m trying to plan a trip to Costa Rica and live in a tree house for a few days and wake up to the sound of wild life! It’s gona be awesome!

  2. Posted by: Janice

    Great list, all amazing locations. I’m going to make a list of my own.

  3. Oh my, each and every one of these places seem MAGICAL!

  4. I’ve been dreaming about a remote vacation spot in the English Peak or Lake District for some time now. The Parkmoor looks perfect!

    And Meghan, my husband used to be the same way about camping and now we go a couple times a year – tent camping, no less! Keep at ‘im.

  5. Posted by: A-A

    Lieu* not leiu


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