A couple of years ago our family went to the Three Rivers Resort, which is in the area referred to as “the panhandle” of Idaho–the skinny part of it that borders with Washington State and Montana. My husband, an avid fly-fisherman, had been here several times, and always said it was one of the most epic fishing spots, as well as one of the most beautiful. He was right.

The resort (a bit of a misnomer, but I’ll get to that) is at the confluence of the Lochsa, Selway and Clearwater rivers, and its log cabins overlook the Lochsa. The cabins are totally caught in time–completely adequate, but definitely more on the basic/motel end of the spectrum, but they have a little kitchen, an outdoor bbq. The other amenities that you might insist on elsewhere (a thread count beyond 50, nice hand soap, and pillows with some movement in them) seem less important somehow. There’s a pool filled with kids, a hot tub filled with kids, and a restaurant that serves very homey meals. Yes, it has all the elements a resort would have, but it’s much more homespun and honest, in the best possible way. (The fact that it’s been family-owned for 36 years probably has something to do with it.)

The Selway River which is where most of the epic fishing happens, also happens to have some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches, that overlook an emerald green river. If you’re not up for a day of fishing, you could set up camp along the river, and have a picnic in probably one of the prettiest settings ever. You’re also in Lewis and Clark country here (the resort is on the  Lewis and Clark Trail), so there are lots of interesting day trips to be done. We actually made a road trip from Seattle to Montana, and flew back to Seattle, and we would totally do that again.

I think each of us would say that this is one of our favorite ‘resorts’ we’ve ever been to, yet all for different reasons. But if you’re looking for the one-line sell, I’d say that if you’ve ever been wanting to take a fishing trip, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fishing resort, and you want the whole family to have something to do, this is your spot. It’s not expensive, it’s sweet, and it’s in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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