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Several years ago I went to Greece with the family for UK Traveller, doing a story on the Peloponnese. (I happen to love the Peloponnese–so many people think Greece means island hopping, but while I love many of the islands, I don’t love planning flights, ferries, and the time it takes to get there and back. And how many other people have the same idea. Not that many people consider the Peloponnese, but more are, since there is a flight into Kalamata from the UK, and you can drive there from Athens.) Anyway, my point here is to give you some hotel finds, since summer is coming, and maybe you might need some ideas. So, here goes: One day, we found ourselves in the smallest little town called Porto Kagio, on the water, in the Peloponnese, specifically, in the Mani area. We had one of the most perfect simple lunches of the whole trip, and afterwards, took a swim, just in front of the taverna. The taverna, called Akrotiri, advertised itself as having rooms above the restaurant, but we weren’t looking at the time, so I kind of forgot about it. It always stayed with me as a place I’d go back to, on my own budget, but until just now, I never looked it up. We all know that websites don’t do places justice, either for the good or the bad…so, take this all with a chunk of salt. But for the price (a room for four in the highest season is 80 euros and includes breakfast), and the location (you’re 15 feet from the most idyllic water–so clean, so warm). It’s a tiny little town–it’s the only place to stay–so you have to want to be in the middle of nowhere! But you can book boat rides to take you to other magical beaches, and of course you should have a rental car, so you can do nice day trips. It’s a perfect spot for at least a couple of days, and it’s definitely the right price.









While doing some research to write this post, I found this property, the Tainaron-Blue, that just opened last year, which is AMAZE-BALLS. We actually went there when it was just a crumbling construction site, and wow, did they do an amazing job. So this is on the more fab side of things for sure, and it is most definitely not on the water. You’re at the highest peak, staying in an ancient tower. The views are EPIC! And the pricing is not bad–a room that fits 3 or 4 is in the 295-350 euro range, and that includes your 4 course dinner. The downside is they want a 4 day minimum, at least that is what it says online, and I don’t think I would want to stay up so high on that hill for that long. Maybe for our friends who are traveling without their kids!




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Okay, since I’m on a Mani roll…and somehow in the Momfilter account and not Travels With Clara (where I used to post all the time and now do it about once a year, sigh)….here is my other favorite place. The Kyrimai is the same area–but on the water, in a little town called Gerolimenas. It’s super charming, probably a mashup of the Akrotiri and the Tainaron-Blue. Upscale, nice restaurant, on the water, and a town to walk around…in an area that has lots to see and do…or gorgeous empty beaches to do just nothing. We covered that for UK Traveller and you can read about that here.









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