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I love that the Swedes have an amusement park where kids are encouraged to handle saws, nails, hammers, and wood that is so rough you’d get a splinter just looking at it. Junibacken, a quasi-theme park based on the characters of Astrid Lundgren (author of Pippi Longstocking), is in Stockholm, and it’s really brilliant. It makes you realize how much less other cultures hover over their kids, and fret (unnecessarily) about their safety. It’s was such a clear example of how different our approaches to parenting are and how much we can learn from letting go a little bit.


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  1. Posted by: Angelica

    In Sweden and in …Berkeley, Ca! Visit Adventure Park at the Berkeley Marina. Kids build on to the structures using hammers, nails and other tools and paint. How do they procure the building materials? Turn in the nails you find on the ground or find a “Mr. Dangerous” = board with a nail in it!

    We love it!

  2. Posted by: Kristin Nilsen

    My 8 year old was given a knife and a block of wood and told to whittle on our recent visit to Skansen in Stockholm! He so wanted a knife as a souvenir so he could whittle on the flight home.

  3. Posted by: Sabine

    Not just Sweden or Berkeley, Ca. In Berlin (Germany) we have these too!

  4. Posted by: Lena

    There was a woodworking bench in the middle of my daycare center/kindergarten growing up in Sweden. It became natural working around it under our teachers supervision (of course).

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