This playroom isn’t in some thoughtful kid destination that you would expect to find in an affluent suburb. No, it’s in the Charles de Gaulle airport in France. Now, how hard would that be for us to have something like this in any number of tricked-out U.S. airports? (Airlines should really take a page from their book). And how about this reserved section for pregnant women. Love it.


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  1. Posted by: mick

    Zurich airport was the best stop over I ever had. We were having so much fun in the kid section, we nearly missed our plane!

  2. Posted by: Cassandra

    Minneapolis/St. Paul actually has a pretty decent play area (though they’ve recently put in coin operated rides, which annoys me). I fly through MSP instead of Detroit whenever I can if I’ve got my four year old daughter with me specifically because of that play area.

  3. Posted by: jsohn

    narita is another good one. they even had a private nursing room and a microwave to heat up bottles.

  4. Posted by: Julie

    Chicago O’Hare has one! I love it! kids can play on an “airplane” a “helicopter” and “control tower” there are big foam blocks that act as “suitcases” it’s the best!
    Located in Terminal 2, I used to get slightly annoyed that my Type A husband likes to get to the airport with 3 hours to spare, but now it gives the kids plenty of time to play at one of their favorite play areas, and there’s a starbucks nearby :)

  5. Posted by: Erica

    Seattle isn’t half bad either!

  6. Posted by: SuzG

    There is a small one at the Chicago O’Hare International terminal. After a month-long trip to India all my three-year-old talked about was going back to the playhouse at the airport…so much for showing her the world!

  7. Posted by: Vanessa

    I am very impressed by les francais on this one!

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