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I pride myself on my sense of direction. And I’m really good at reading maps. But somehow, since we have the GPS in our car, we have gotten lost more than ever. On a recent trip, the above picture is a dirt road we found ourselves on, at 8pm, at the end of a 10 hour journey, and this “road” was what the GPS put us onto. Meanwhile, the highway was 5 miles north, and there was of course no reason for us to be on this one-lane fire road climbing up and then down a mountain. (Note: this is our car’s built in GPS, the Tom Tom portable GPS has it’s own different sense of direction from our car’s, but it has gotten us lost too.) The Google directions on my phone seem to work somewhat better, but then that drains the battery. Furthermore, once we get to where we are going, we don’t really have a sense of what is around us, since we don’t actually have to really find our way there. I’m thinking we should just go back to good old maps. What do you do?


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  1. Posted by: Annie

    Use Waze – free crowd sourced GPS and traffic info with almost 50 million users. Five stars in App Store. It has changed how I drive! And it’s really easy to use

  2. Posted by: Dee

    I noticed that I am more clueless since using the GPS. I now use the new app by google maps that is different from the map that comes with the phone. It was free and it is amazing. You dont’ have to have an exact address to find something. It does drain the battery but I use my car charger. I think maps are still the best option in rural areas but the urban landscape changes so fast that it would be impossible to keep up with all the new roads, subdivisions, etc.

  3. Posted by: Jennifer Cox

    I road tripped with my three year old across the country (Oregon to Louisiana and back) and I found GPS to be the least helpful invention EVER! The free maps I was able to get with my AAA membership were more useful and more fun to look at once we got back home and wanted to compare out trip with the recent trip of my BIL and SIL

  4. omigod, so true. One time the GPS put us on what looked like a sidewalk. And another, I kid you not, we ended up staring up at someone’s garage while the GPS lady kept saying “continue straight on blah blah blah street.” I just saw a window holder for smartphones so you can mount it on the windshield
    – and then I think I’ll get a car charger.

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