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On a recent Seattle to New York flight I did a mid-air double take when I noticed this happy baby sitting on a tray table, staring intently at the surface below her. I had to take a closer look at this magically mesmerizing swathe of green. Her serene mother (wouldn’t you be serene if your baby maintained a perfectly pleasant personality on a cross-country flight?) had borrowed this tray table activity center from a friend. Upon closer examination I became insanely jealous that I hadn’t thought of it myself. It’s like a portable Exersaucer with two sides of engagement for infants to young toddlers. With a buckle, zipper, textures and toys, the Star Kids Air Play tray table cover is designed to soothe the savage airplane baby beast and if you’re really lucky, convince your seatmates to borrow your adorable spawn long enough for you to read the very important articles in Us Magazine.

Heija Nunn is based in Seattle and is “The Worst Mother in the World“.


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  1. Posted by: Jillian

    This item isn’t available until Oct. 2012, is there any other company that makes something similar? I have an upcoming cross country flight with my 9m old and this would be perfect!!

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