On a recent trip from grandma’s in Chicago back to our home in New York, a security guard at O’Hare International Airport tipped off us off to a play area in Terminal 2. How many times have I made that trip (and suffered delays) without the benefit of this romper room space? Kids on the Fly, designed by the Chicago Children’s Museum, is a bright, Windy City-themed interactive zone where kids can board a play airplane, direct traffic from a control tower and move pretend baggage on the runway. Overall, it’s just plain brilliant for tiring out the smallest passengers before they are confined to a seat for a few hours.

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  1. Posted by: Dee

    I can also recommend London Heathrow where they had a supervised and FREE playhouse where you could check your kids in while you relaxed. There were plenty of kids to keep each other company and the staff was amazing. It was a lifesaver since I happened to be traveling alone with a five hour layover and super sick with strep throat :)

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      wow that sounds amazing dee!

  2. Posted by: Patience

    Boston (Logan) has a nice one, too! Definitely a fantastic discovery when flying alone with 2 little ones.

  3. Posted by: Ali K

    The one in Heathrow ( terminal 5) was taken away as a kid fell and the parents threatened to sue!

    There’s a nice little one in the Seattle airport too!

  4. Posted by: Mills

    That looks fantastic. The Seattle airport has a good play area for kids, too.

  5. Posted by: Rachel R

    This is a great idea! How awesome. I hope that other airports see this and pick up on it.

  6. Posted by: Yehudit

    Genius idea for antsy kids who would rather be anywhere than waiting patiently on lines while you take care of grown-up stuff… Maybe if we all praise this enough, more airports will do it too??? **coughJFKcough**

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