tsa dignity

It’s the little things that often carry a big impact—like when we arrived at the TSA area of the Tulsa airport, and there, right where you need to take off your shoes, was a boot jack. What a simple, thoughtful idea, that made us all smile, and certainly must cause a similar reaction for all the other travelers.


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Comments (2)


  1. Posted by: Heija

    I clearly need to buy some boots. I would have had zero clue as to the true function of that menacing hunk of metal. But because I am at heart, always a naughty and curious two year old, I would have placed my barefoot on it regardless. It looks like a pedal.

  2. Posted by: Christie

    Love this! its the little things… :)

    Just thought I’d share a cool gadget I found this week- its called the Skyview- a device that clamps ipads, iphones and other tablets to the airplane seat in front of you. figure it will save my hands next time i fly!!

    check it out…

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