It’s like clockwork. Every time we lease a new car, there is something about that new car smell that makes my kids sick. The last time, it was double projectile (it’s contagious you know) on the heels of their having eaten bright blue ice-cream, which ended in my having to clean the air conditioning vents with paper napkins and a plastic knife. Nowadays, every time we fly, we take a barf bag or two from the plane and stash them in the pockets behind the front seats of our car.

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  1. Posted by: Laura

    When I was in the hospital having my second son almost 4 years ago, I grabbed all of the round collapsible barf bags in my supply cabinet. We still have them in both of our cars. I actually had to use one once!

  2. Posted by: bree

    we stash barf bags in the car too. it’s nice to not have to worry about cleaning barf or having to go home to change clothes. nothing worse than cleaning barf from a car seat. makes me queasy just thinking about it….

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