It’s close to the middle of summer (sigh), so chances are, you are not in the market to plan a vacation–it’s either already been planned, taken, or not happening. In the event that you are either an advance planner, or, on the other end of the spectrum, a last-minute airfare deal junkie, here’s a list of some spots I’ve my eye on, which I keep in what I like to call the “someday” file. Each of them comes from a blog or a site that we trust. Get ready to bookmark–or perhaps book.

Patmos, one of the most beautiful Greek islands, is a pain to get to, but very worth it. Vanessa Boz of Boz Around gives a great scoop on it.

The Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan. Who knew?! Meghan of Designtripper does.

There are a gazillion sites that will pop up if you type in “Italy rentals”, but do any of them vet and revisit their properties every single year like Via Villas does?

We found this amazing beach hotel in Portugal on Gypset, No, it’s not parenting focused blog, and yes, it can be a challenge to navigate, but it has lots of good ideas.

Carina from Nonchalant Mom often writes about travel, and we love it when she does. Since she lives in Rhode Island, we’re especially excited about this post, which gives the scoop on her neck of the woods.

It was years ago that a friend turned me on to i-escape, and it is truly my travel secret weapon. Each property is vetted by a writer, and they always post the child-friendly (or not) aspects of the place. Above is a property in Nevis that is a typical find from i-escape: a family-owned Caribbean property that, while charming and with a great restaurant, isn’t a bajillion dollars.

Baby-friendly Boltholes specializes in rentals and hotels that are particularly family oriented. They have a huge list of properties, and they really spell out what each offers for families. Their specialty is in the baby and toddler years, which is when parents feel the need to haul the most anyway, so this is a no-brainer for the families with under-5 set. Above is a property in Cornwall, a place I’ve always wanted to go.

Irene from Bloesem Kids has probably some of the best taste in the mom blog world. Her city guide series is so inspiring, I would be happy going to any and all of them.

The Cottages at Cabot Cove in Maine. We did know about these before, but our new find, Parenture (parenting+adventure), reminded us of them. We also like their article on farms, especially the Kinderhook Farm in the Hudson Valley.

Ile de Re, as presented by Indagare. I always scan their site when I’m looking for ideas, and while Indagare does have a membership fee to get all of their content, you can get some for free up to a certain point. But really, if you’re planning a big family trip, it might be worth joining, as they really know where to go and the best way to get there, and the things to do once you’re there.

It feels a little self-promotional to include Travels With Clara (my travel blog) in this list, but it feels equally weird to leave it out, so it’s the bonus 11th. The picture above is from the Hacienda de San Antonio in Mexico.


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  1. Posted by: lisa

    This post is invaluable! Thank you for these fantastic, family-friendly travel tips. I’ve already bookmarked them all and can’t wait to book!

  2. Posted by: Tina

    Thanks so much for this list. We just returned from our trip last week but I love having resources for the next adventure.

  3. Posted by: Jen

    Thanks so much for mentioning Parenture. We’re big fans of Momfilter too! Wishing everyone many great adventures this summer and in the future.

  4. Posted by: Ann

    Michigan is gorgeous. I live here. We have so many lakes its hard to choose where to go! Right now it is blazing hot though. Thanks for posting these I’m going to save them and dream.

  5. Posted by: Sarah

    Hi I was digging in your archives for this post and very happy to have found it. However, the link to the beach hotel in Portugal seems to be out of date. I tried to search on Gypset but was unsuccessful. If anyone is checking these old posts, would you mind pointing me in the right direction? I’d love to know what the beach hotel in Portugal is called.
    TIA! -Sarah

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