If you have been following @momfilter on Instagram this summer, you’re probably familiar with all of the incredible Maine pictures that were posted by photographer Winky Lewis. We think she’s an incredible artist, so when she told us about her gallery show that’s happening right now at Engine in Biddeford, Maine, we wanted to let you know about it too. It’s up through August 24, but if you’re interested in the work you could always contact the gallery, or Winky directly @winkylewis.

We asked Winky to share with us the inspiration for the images: ” These mask photos started a few summers ago when we were on a Maine island. I was taking lots of pictures and there was a lone Elvis mask in the house. The mask crept into some pictures and I loved what happened—I loved the way the mask seemed to change the rest of the photo. With the masks on I looked at the kids’ gestures and bodies in a different way. Even though the masks are so powerful, I think they somehow make the kids’ body language even stronger.  The next year, last summer, we arrived on the island with four or five different animal masks, just to play around. The masks made their way into lots of photos (the ones on the wall at ENGINE). We have a pretty dreamy time on the island—it is a magical place to take pictures, a magical time to try to capture. The masks sort of seamlessly entered the pictures. I didn’t want them to be work, I didn’t want to try to tell stories with them, I just wanted the kids to slip into them when they would. I think we ended up with some images that can be part fairy tale, or myth, and sometimes a little scary or funny. I would love for the viewer to find their own story or meaning in these photos. Of course the benefit of putting masks on my kids is that it takes away their identity. These kids are much photographed, and the masks turned them into any kid, which I often wish the photos of my kids could be. I want the viewer to bring their own thing to the photo and not have them be so much about my children…”


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