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Before we could even make it downstairs, my five-year-old son had already torn into his big gift—the “Black Pearl” Lego set— like a raccoon, and had started assembling “guys” from packages number 3 and 5. Anybody who has every built a lego set understands a not-even-anal parent’s horror at the opening of these bags out of order on the lego-eating quicksand of a nubby rug. With the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of pieces, these creations require all hands on deck and a big pot of coffee. It occurred to us how many parents on Christmas morning would be building, gluing, assembling things with their kids–doll houses, pirate ships, model airplanes, match box tracks. We’d love to see what you, we mean they, made. Send us your pics and stories and we will post your handiwork in the upcoming days. Consider it a chance to brag or bitch, whatever the case may be.

Here’s one from one of our readers Christine…

“My husband did this with our 5 yr son after a few too many fights with his 10 yr old sister about who owned what. The rest of that dining table is COMPLETELY covered with Legos year round, but it’s where all our guests, young and old, go first, so we’re just leaving it like that.”


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