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  1. Posted by: Deborah

    Hey there… I’m in Canada, and in the last ten years or so here this has become more common than not — almost all shopping centres near us (Toronto area) have several spots signposted for pregnant women or people with small children. They were a godsend during the winter when my son was wee. Have they not caught on in the US yet? I’m surprised… they’re a great idea.
    Love the site…

  2. Posted by: Engracia

    This is a common sight in all shopping centres (big or small) in Sydney, Australia, so I presume it is the same all over the country. We also have many spots reserved for those people with disabilities.

  3. Posted by: Angelica

    IKEA does that. A few spots right next to the store. Emeryville, CA. Love it.

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