Yeah sure, we all know how great Volvos are. But did you know about their vacation program, where you can score a free trip to Europe if you’re in the market to buy a new car? Here’s what you do: go into your local dealership, and order the Volvo you want. They’ll give you 2 free roundtrip tickets to Scandinavia, and a free night in a first class hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. So you fly there, pick up your car, and then drive it around Europe. You can drop it at any Volvo drop-off location (they have them in almost every country in Europe), and they will ship it for free to your dealership. How amazing is that?!


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  1. I’ve been dying to do this! I know several people who have done this and had the trip of a lifetime. It seems like there should be a hitch somewhere but,so far, I’m only hearing from people who said it was completely hitch-free. The only problem is that I don’t really want a Volvo; but I might get over that. :)

  2. Posted by: BrooklynGrand

    have and XC70 AWD and it is the best car EVER! wouldn’t own any other kind. when it’s time for a new one, which will be a while, i am definitely doing this!

  3. Posted by: Heija

    Dang it, just bought another one last week, a gently used 2009 XC90 to replace my beloved 2001 xc70 that was totaled on the last day of school. I tried hard to get comfortable in a spacious, beautiful Mercedes GL, but it was hard to imagine spilling coffee on my bumpy driveway journeys or rolling up to estate sales and Goodwill with a straight face. If I was willing to fork up the moola for a new car to immediately abuse, I would totally do the trip. I know people who have done it and they rave. Sadly, I am practical to a fault, and the salesman assured me that I fit the Volvo profile perfectly…which almost cost him the sale.

  4. Posted by: Lynn

    You will also avoid an import tax because it’ll be a ‘used good’.

  5. Posted by: B

    We did the Overseas Delivery Program a few years ago and absolutely loved it! It is a fantastic way to see Europe and in your own car!

  6. Posted by: Heather

    Get one! You won’t be sorry. I love my XC90!

  7. Posted by: Ria

    Amazing tip! Only wish I’d known sooner :-)

    Our 2011 Volvo XC70 AWD was written off after being flooded in Hurricane Sandy…. We loved that car so much that we went out and replaced it with the exact same model, year and color! I still laugh at the fact that I get so excited about “integrated child booster seats”…

  8. Posted by: Lauren

    Sorry to be negative but I had a TERRIBLE experience with a Volvo S60–chronic repair issues starting when the car had less than 50,000 miles and poor service at the dealerships.

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