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  1. Our Tooth Fairy is inconsistent and arbitrary, sometimes, leaving coins, other times gifts; no rhyme, no reason. There have been times she has hidden the prize so well that our sleepy children have managed to push the booty out from under their pillow and deep under the bed where it cannot be found until the next day with parental help. Then there are tthe imes when a tooth is lost so late at night that it misses the West Coast cut off time and has to be rewarded the next evening.

    Last week Sistafoo lost her first top front tooth late in the eving. We were convinced she had missed the cut off, but the Tooth Fairy must have been impressed by the fantastical little house she made complete with a bed for the tiny ejected not-so-pearly white; because she left her a twenty as if she couldn’t find change or something!

  2. Posted by: Tracey

    Oh Heija, the late night tooth losses are the worst! Right before bed, you have no cash and your kid’s all, “I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring!” LOL

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