So I’m having a bit of a getting-caught-in-my-lies Santa moment with a certain Tooth Fairy line of questioning that goes something like:

Son: “Is the tooth fairy real, mom?”

Me: “Well someone took your tooth and left some money.”

Son: “But it could have been anyone.”

Me: “True. But who else would care about kids’ teeth?”

Son:”What does the tooth fairy do with all of the kids teeth and do we ever get to have them back.”

Here’s where the lies get more elaborate.

Me: “Eventually you get them back.”

My husband: “But you have to pay for them.”

Me: “That’s not necessarily true.”

And so on. In general, I manage to bounce the question back to them (“Do you think she’s real?”) and give them as little information as possible. Recently, my older son said something about the Easter Bunny along the lines of “I mean, how does a bunny hop into people’s yards?” Just as I was about to let him in on the truth and ask him to preserve the fantasy for his little brother, he said, “I mean I bet it’s some guy.” So I said nothing, because I know it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out and blows it for his 5-year-old brother.


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  1. Posted by: TrishO

    Kids are smart. This year my 9 year old told me he knew there was no Santa. Really, I say, then who brings you all those gifts on Cristmas morning. He says, ” I think it is you and Dad. Mostly you.”. Well…. But then he has never bright it up again. I think he is afraid if he talks about it then nothing will be there Christmas. On the tooth fairy, I am shocked my boys have not figured this out as our house has been assigned a sloppy fairy it seems.

  2. Posted by: Stefania

    Kids are so funny. I am slowly learning nothing gets by my oldest, and she is only 18 months. I hid some toys I thought we would donate in the attic, convinced she would be none the wiser. She was in her room, door closed when I brought them up. The attic is off limits to her. I turn my back to do laundry, she sneaks upstairs. I find her on the landing SURROUNDED by all the junk I had organized. It was like, “oh no you don’t!”

  3. Posted by: Bea

    The book “Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth” addresses this question really charmingly and smartly, with the title character showing some skepticism about the tooth fairy and then coming up with different ideas about what the fairy might do with the tooth. The child in this book is just on the edge between believing in the magic and being realistic, and the book can really read both ways. Toward the end of the book, Little Rabbit asks her mom to fill in on the duties “just in case there isn’t a tooth fairy.” This was a favorite of mine as a kid, and we read it in our house now with every loose tooth.

    Luckily, our experience so far is that savvy big brothers are pretty good about keeping Santa/Easter Bunny/tooth fairy secrets going.

  4. Posted by: Beth

    Gosh this has come up twice this year with my 6 year old magical soul. She has a massive imagination and is questions the validity of these two historical figures! She just lost her second tooth and asked if the TF was me or her Dad. She went on to say she didn’t think the TF was real because fairies aren’t real. as to whether fairies or the TF was real i said “well I think they are.” Then she let it go! Geez!

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