These are some of my daughter’s most prized possessions…rotary dial phones, typewriter, and Polaroid pictures. I didn’t steer her in this direction at all—I swear! Every time we see an old phone or a typewriter at a garage sale or in a Salvation Army, she begs me to get it. And she is angling big time to get a Polaroid camera. It seems like she has several other friends with a similar obsession with old school devices…are we alone here, or is this a phenomenon?


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  1. Posted by: Laura

    I am 29 years old and am the same way. To me, devices from the past are classic, beautiful, and simple, almost romantic. Ironically, they seem to represent a time when life seemed simpler even though technology would suggest otherwise. It seems that technology has created a world of hustle and bustle and flashing lights and people don’t communicate the same way. Your daughter is not alone :)

  2. Posted by: Heija

    This is too funny! Just yesterday I submitted my monthly column with a bit about this. My daughter is similarly intrigued by typewriters and all manner of old-fashioned office supplies. My middle son Venom Pen is less amused. We keep a hardline phone at home with the ringer set to off (seriously, lose my home number if you have it) I made him use it one night when his own phone was out of commission. A short time later he yelled in frustration from the bedroom where we keep the phone plugged in to the wall When I went running to the rescue he shook the phone at me and said, “this thing is broken!” He asked to use my cell phone because”this one keeps making a “funny noise!” I pried the phone from his angry hands and dialed the number. I hung up and then patiently explained the old-fangled genius of a BUSY SIGNAL!!!

  3. Posted by: Anna

    I love this! My son’s pediatrician’s office has old typewriters bolted to a child size desk, by far the favorite waiting room toys!

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