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I’m sure this is not breaking news to the more Senior Soccer Moms out there, but somehow, after shuttling my two midfielders back and forth from field to field for the last three years, I have just now discovered the genius of the Shin Sock. They are exactly what they sound like — shin guards built into soccer socks, which means one less thing to wrestle out of the dog’s mouth when you’re getting the kids out the door while simultaneously nagging “Do you have your water? Your ball? Your jacket? Your turf shoes and your cleats?” If you’re lucky and the team uniform matches up, your kids can wear them for games too.


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  1. Posted by: TrishO

    These are great. Especially for the younger players. Target has a brand of these as well.

  2. Posted by: Christine

    We love these in our house too! After every season we seemed to be down to several pairs of mismatched socks and at least one pair of shin guards was missing the other half from being shuttled between our house, my mom’s, and our cars. The shin socks make things a bit more orderly.

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