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I remember making the kindergarten decision for my first guy. I toiled between two schools, and eventually settled upon the one the preschool teacher I most trusted recommended for him. I liked the other one, though—and imagined I’d revisit the whole kindergarten decision for the next child, two classes behind.

Well, that second guy saw his big brother’s school through the eyes of an eager preschooler. He saw the massive playground. He saw the classroom with pets and blocks and a sink. He saw bigger kids swarming the hallways. He planned for his own arrival. I mean, obviously, right?

For better and for worse the brother pair attended the same elementary school. Eventually, although they didn’t overlap middle school years, the second guy went to a brand new—to us—school rather than the one his elder brother attended for his two-year middle school stint. There were great surprises in being the only one from the family in the school. It was his. He set the trail his younger brother has begun to follow (he switched in third grade). The littlest sister started kindergarten there this fall, rather than the school the other three attended for that year. It’s a little weird not to be on that playground and with the teacher we had and adored twice over (for the second two guys).

Unexpectedly, the big bonus came this way. Her next older brother—now in fifth grade—is perpetually annoyed by her (understandably, to be honest; she can be a bit much with him, so wanting his attentions). Now, they are in the same, small school and his class is buddies with hers. Last week, he noted that she’s been “less annoying” since she started kindergarten. “And she looks adorable in her pigtails,” he exclaimed.

I’m glad I didn’t think hard at all about where to send her to kindergarten.


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