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I’ve had Lyme disease three times in the last 15 years (that’s a different story I’ll share at some point). Needless to say, I love the outdoors, and don’t let the possibility of ticks and Lyme get in my way. I was just sent this new kit, which is a lyme tick testing kit, and what I like about it is, it has everything you need from tick remover to the envelope and forms for sending in your tick to their lab, where they test the tick for Lyme. Just last week I found an embedded tick on me, and tried this out. I removed the tick, put it in the little bag included in the kit, and mailed it off. Several days, and $40 later, I found out that the tick was Lyme negative—the lab called and emailed me with the results. It’s such a bargain on both the money and time front–had I gone to the doctor, I would have paid $40 just for the co-pay, and then had to have bloodwork done–and many of the more accurate tests are not covered by insurance. With this kit, if you find a tick, send it off immediately, and if it’s positive, go to your doctor and get them to put you on Doxycycline, or whatever their protocol may be.

Any thoughts or experiences you want to share about Lyme disease, please do. Best way to reach us is


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  1. Posted by: eli

    I would love a feature on your experiences with Lyme. It terrifies me, and the fact that you’ve had it THREE TIMES makes you a bit of an expert 😉

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      will do!

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