The Ludwell Post Office Store in the English countryside is something I wish someone would copy and roll out in small (and big) towns across this country. It’s a small store, which has everything you need. Vegetables from the local farms sit next to a bin of wrapping paper, lovely Wiltshire local cheeses across from school supplies, a basket of avocados with a hand-written sign that announce they are ripe and ready for tonight, newspapers and magazines, and plenty of usual suspects. (All within an area that is about the size of one aisle in a typical grocery store.) But the best part of all is that there’s a post office inside the store. Where’s the butcher you ask? Oh, just next door.


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  1. Posted by: Dee

    Yes, big sigh here. I am a European living in the United States, say no more. I do think people are aching to go back to small and local, just about everywhere. With a place like this nearby where you literally park just a few feet from the door, you don’t mind stopping everyday for fresh foods.

  2. Posted by: fanny

    We used to have one of these in nearly every town in America when I was growing up. Unfortunately, people started going to Target & Walmart and these small shops slowly disappeared. Shopping online and at mega stores has a consequence and this lack of charm is a direct biproduct.

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