pay parking by phone

How brilliant is this—in London, when we were having lunch with our friend, she pulled out her cell phone to add more money to her parking meter. They have a system that alerts you as to when your time is running out, and then you can add more time/money on via your phone, which is linked up to your credit card! Imagine, not having to scrounge around for quarters, or to run out to add more time on to a ticket.


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  1. Posted by: Sarah

    Vancouver’s metered parking is the same. It’s super handy.

  2. Posted by: Heidi

    exactly Sarah! we have this in Vancouver, British Columbia- you can even pay this way at some private lots.

  3. Posted by: Joanne

    they do this in Washington, DC. The only trick is that the maximum park is two hours and you can’t add on any more time after that…so you get the alerts, etc. but only for two hours.

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