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To understand Momfilter, we have to go back to a typical day at Cookie, the parenting magazine that we founded in 2004 and that folded in 2009. The inspiration for this site, as well as for the magazine where we all met, can be traced back to the questions raised in casual conversations around the office: Did Ben go through the night without wetting his bed? Did you punish Matt when he got back from his long trip? Why don’t we have federally subsidized day care? What jeans are those? What is sensory integration disorder?

These water-cooler moments–sometimes mundane, sometimes political, sometimes deeply personal–were in fact our newsroom. Our own little focus group reveals parents’ twin desires to be informed by trusted voices as well as moved by, say, a beautiful photo of a sleeping child that requires no explanation. The many great photographers who have opened up their personal archives to us understand that sometimes it’s the caught-off-guard moments that are the most magical–the photographic equivalent of John Lennon’s “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”

While we miss making Cookie, we realize what we miss the most is this town-square exchange among colleagues who otherwise never would have found themselves at the same coffee shop after drop-off. We were a collection of moms and dads with different political leanings, parenting philosophies, and lifestyles. As opposed to the consensual reality that exists among close friends, these differing opinions didn’t polarize us; they actually cemented the comaraderie and made for a balanced point of view.

Over the past year, with our alums scattered across the country, we’ve found that leaving the mothership has only expanded our creative circle. And because this collective wisdom makes our lives easier, better, and just plain old more fun, we feel compelled to share it. Think of Momfilter as a kind of digital water cooler, where we will post or link to everything from a slam-dunk dinner that we made last night to the perfect mom uniform to the hindsight that can only come from a philosophical mother of grown children. We certainly don’t consider ourselves the experts on all things mom. We do, however, feel confident that we can help narrow the universe just a little bit.

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Comments (13)


  1. Posted by: Monarose

    Recently I was going through my issues of Cookie magazine and, once again, I felt a tremendous loss.

    The publication was insightful, inspiring, and honest. One of the articles I chose to peruse last night was a forthright discussion about both the physical and psychological effects pregnancy and child-rearing have on a woman’s breasts and how mothers are coping. Another was the monthly sex column (which, in it’s own way, reminds me of Savage Love) and the other the recommended music for my daughter’s age group. Unlike so many other parenting magazines it focused on a woman and her family as a whole and encouraged the reader to do so as well – motherhood does not, necessarily, condemn a woman to staying at home nor does it mean a lifetime of over-sized sweatpants.

    Having said all this, I am absolutely thrilled to know that what made Cookie so great has found another means of existence. And I look forward to returning to this site time and again to overhear and partake in this new “digital water cooler”.

    Thank you!

  2. Posted by: LobotoME

    I was just reading an OLD issue of Cookie last night (saved them all) and thinking…oh, how I wish they’d bring it back. Then this morning I saw a post about MomFilter + this must be the next best thing….

  3. Posted by: Lauren Bentley

    Congratulations on the new site! As one of the founding editors of Cookie I can see and appreciate how you have managed to stay true to the original mission. I miss the old days of sharing our kid stories with each other on a daily basis at work. Geez, we were just learning ourselves what it was to be a parent. Whenever I bring up Cookie people still can’t believe it folded – it was truly loved. I’m so glad we now have Momfilter and I can point people here with confidence! Keep up the great work.

  4. Posted by: carina

    YES! I am so happy that you are here now! I’m not sure what I did without Cookie in the last year but I kept looking around, trying to find something even remotely similar and could not… not even close! I sometimes made fun of Cookie for being so over the top, but now I realize that THAT is exactly what I liked about it… and missed until NOW… thank you for creating momfilter and I look forward to visiting oh-so-very often!

  5. Posted by: g

    what can I say but bravo? is elegant, hip, informative and, most importantly of all, the place I will come back to again and again for inspiration and encouragement.
    cheers dears. it was worth the wait.

  6. Posted by: JJNK

    Bravo! worth the wait indeed. thank you. thank you. thank you.

  7. Posted by: barbara parisotto

    Jen had prepared me for this, but it is EVEN better then i thought!
    for all of us, Cookie-orphans, the wait is over, the girls are BACK!

    thank you!!

  8. Posted by: Kathleen

    I came to Cookie late in the game and was only able to enjoy the last six months of its run. Its absence has left a void at my bedside table. I’ve been hoarding the last issue (can’t believe I’m admitting this), mostly because I have a vain hope that it’s not really the last one. Really?

    That said, I look forward to catching up when I can via MomFilter (and Time for Dinner and Travels With Clara). Thanks, and kudos to you all…

  9. Posted by: Polly

    I’m so pleased I found you….
    I’ve missed you – Cookie was one of the few things that made this Londoner-stranded-in-rural-Wyoming feel connected to things other than cows and Coors.
    Lovely news!

  10. Posted by: Fernanda

    YAY!!! So glad you put all creative talents together to create this site. I have every single issue of Cookie Mag and still flip through all of them now and then. I MISS IT SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Thanks for sharing your daily thoughts and latest finds I am so looking forward to reading this every day!

  11. Posted by: mick

    hallelujah. seriously. I have been lost without you. I nearly couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered the next best thing to Cookie magazine. Thank you!!

  12. Posted by: Meg

    Wonderful website. Cookie was the only magazine that I really looked forward to reading. I have already gotten tons of ideas from this site. Thanks!

  13. Posted by: Laura

    I am probably not within your traditional reader demographic, but I am a huge Cookie, and now momfilter, fan. I still have old copies of Cookie that I bought when I was in college. I don’t have kids, and probably won’t for a few more years, but I love them and have babysat/nannied for the same family for 10 years. Your take on the modern family lifestyle is so appealing to me; maybe that’s why I was attracted to Cookie when it’s contents didn’t exactly apply to me yet. Momfilter is a great reference for me as a nanny (and future mom), from the dinner ideas, to the behavior issues. I love the the solidarity – it’s a nice break from the competition and criticism I see daily. Cheers!

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