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My kids go to a public school in Brooklyn that is a bit out of our neighborhood. It is roughly a twenty minute walk depending on the focus and energy level of my six year old boys. The other options are the public bus (slow) or driving (parking nightmare). A few years ago my husband bought a bike trailer on Craig’s list which worked great until my kids grew out of it.  Our new solution is a Kona bicycle. We bought a Commuter Ute model which is basically a bicycle with an extended back. It is longer than most bikes but it carries my boys easily and has panniers that can carry backpacks etc. The bikes are a bit pricey but we got our used and it’s cheaper and faster than the public bus. We figure we have a good five years before they will be too embarrassed to be biked to school by their mom and dad!


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  1. what a great idea! you guys are awesome:)

  2. Posted by: eli

    love this ! it looks fun for everyone !!

    … but as an elementary school teacher, i’m not sure i believe that your boys will want to be biked around much past 8 years old. 😉 enjoy it while it lasts :-)

  3. Posted by: jennifer

    excellent idea!

  4. Posted by: Leann

    I found a Madsen bucket bike on Craigslist last spring. It’s made our lives so much happier this year with a toddler in preschool and kindergartener in public school a bit less than a mile apart. It’s excellent for grocery shopping, too… and we’ve had memorable date nights with my husband biking me in the bucket!

    A Dutch friend of mine suggested kids in Holland may be ranked the happiest in the world primarily because everyone gets enough exercise biking everywhere;)

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