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Last weekend our daughter made breakfast for her teddy bears. She dressed them up and then took the baby bears for a walk in her play stroller. The day before, she was talking about the new Vanity Fair with Katie Perry on the cover that she saw on the mail pile, and poring through the pages of the Crewcuts catalog. I’m completely thrilled that she still has the big love for make-believe, and wants to hold onto it as long as possible. Of course every kid is so different in their stages, but I’m curious to know if or when your kids have started to lose their love for the imaginary. I have a friend who told me that her child used to write letters to the garden fairies until she was around 10.

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  1. Posted by: trish

    That is a sweet story. My oldest son is 9 and he is also a contradiction of activities. He acts so old but in the same breath he is running about in an old castume Indianan Jones hat sleeping with his stuffed elephant. I love watching him change…but 9 is still has a lot of innocence for him. He is the oldest in our house so his little brother I am sure will seem much older at 9.

  2. I remember being eleven and going to play in my room with my dolls, like I had done many times before, playing school or church or house…except this time it wasn’t fun. This puzzled me. Dolls were my favorite play thing and had been for many years. I cried because I realized for the first time that I was growing up. I had outgrown pretending. Makes me tear up to this day!

    “There is a fleeting time when, for all too short a period, the very young live in a wonderful world of make-believe.”
    -from the Disney movie Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.

  3. My kids are four and six and still VERY much believe in the imaginary and in magic. I’m going to encourage them to hold onto that for as long as possible! I hope we make it until 10, at least.

  4. Posted by: kathleen

    my eldest daughter just turned nine, and she is all about playing make believe, finding fairy houses, playing dolls and dress up, and her small group of friends are the same. we are going to an “anne of green gables” themed birthday party for a friend turning nine this weekend, and these girls are so sweet, smart, strong and innocent. i suppose it has a lot to do with them all being either waldorf educated or homeschooled, without television at home and parents who are in creative/intellectual/outdoors-y professions. we are in no rush for her to grow up, as the magic of childhood runs out quickly.

  5. Posted by: Alexandra

    My oldest son is 8, and yesterday, he played restaurant with his sister (5) for hours – making menus, play money, setting tables, dressing up. Then they played “wedding”, with their stuffed animals as party guests and wedding music on the violin …. I do think it has to do with not exposing kids to too much TV, although my children do sometimes watch and are allowed the occasional computer game (and go to “regular” school. Most important is giving them the time for unscheduled play, so that they do get bored and have to figure out what to do to keep them busy. They are still pretty innocent, and I hope to keep it for some more time.

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