honor system

Check out this parking lot signage in Kennebunkport—an honor system for parking! Every person at our hotel that I spoke to about this parking lot felt the same way: it made them so happy, and they were psyched to pay for the parking, rather than trying to eek out 10 minutes without putting money in the meter, hoping to not get caught. If you’ve got other examples like this, we would love to know about them.


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  1. I recently went berry-picking at Swanton Berry Farms just north of Santa Cruz and they had a very similar system. Inside the farm house there were baskets and a scale. After picking your berries, you were instructed to weigh them and pay the appropriate amount per pound. Similarly, there was coffee, jams, pics, and other goodies which were self-serve and self-pay. The honestly system definitely made me want to be sure we paid enough (and, who would really want to short-change a self-pick strawberry farm anyway?!).

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      exactly lindsay! thanks for this!

  2. Minneapolis has self-serve bike stands around the city; help yourself to a bike and return it when you’re done. The first year they charged a $50 yearly membership fee to help cover the inevitable loss of bikes – but that first year came and went and not a single bike was stolen. No more membership fee.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      love that!

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