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To unplug, or not…we’re fascinated by how much controversy this subject brings up, even just among our own friends. Why is it that pulling out an iPhone to pacify a 3-year-old seems somehow worse than handing them a set of keys to play with. Whatever your take on it is, we’d love to hear it. Our friend’s video about moms’ inability to get off Facebook elicited as many cheers as boos. We were surprised by how touchy some people got–how quickly even the most self-deprecating of us lost our sense of humor when faced with that unflattering (if comical) picture of ourselves and our beloved Facebook pages. Guilt does, we guess, have a way of stripping us of our single most important survival skill as parents, our ability to laugh at ourselves. And last week’s article in the Times about how a dad used every screen possible on his summer break, but only in the name of having fun. Well, we’ve decided to unplug for a week. It can be hard to be an active participant in one’s life when you’re observing and determining whether or not “this would be so good for Momfilter.” See you on September 6, when we’ll be back in full swing, ready to get our school lunch groove on.


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