So remember those salamanders I was so excited about a few months ago? After three months, they’re dead. We’re not sure how or why, they both died within a couple of days of one another. My younger son sobbed–times two. We were all shocked and upset. Mostly because I feel like we failed them somehow, even though we did everything we were supposed to. At least I think we did. The question is, do you rush out to replace them? Or do we go for another pet? One theory is that they couldn’t survive our New York winter, despite the red bulb shining on them at all times. Do we go for fish instead and see how we do? Please advise.


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  1. Posted by: Dee

    Oh no, so sorry… But I would not let him walk away with a bitter taste in his mouth! Replace them…:) Better to be excited about the next best thing than focusing of the bad experience.

    We got my kiddo fish about a year ago. They pose another set of challenges. We had one set of fish (three ) expire within two weeks. THen my genius husband discovered that it’s all about the ph of the water… Make sure you read enough about the ph and get that little sticker inside the aquarium that measures the ph level and adjust it if necessary. They are pretty low maintenance after that.

  2. Posted by: cf

    Awww… that’s so sad. My condolences. We had a long lived Beta fish in a regular glass fishbowl. As Dee mentioned we took pains to change the water correctly. The little fellow was part of our household, even though at the outset I had thought a fish in a bowl would be a decoration rather than a pet. When he went we were all sad. It is a good thing to experience the cycle of life with little pets. We did get a replacement in a different color. We enjoyed him, but we all seemed to guard ourselves from getting too attached to him. Perhaps a little fish could be a nice buffer as you decide if you want to do salamanders again.

  3. Posted by: Stephanie

    Check out axolotls. They are salamanders that always live in the water. They survived years at our house. You can’t hold them, but they are fun to watch and they will come to the side of the tank and interact in a way fish rarely do.

  4. Posted by: eli

    have you ever thought about getting pet rats ? very social — much more so than say, guinea pigs or hamsters (when you think about it, not only are they social animals, they’ve been coexisting with humans FOREVER, and as pets they enjoy our company) — and just enough ‘ick factor’ to make them a funky pet. they are remarkably clean, and can be taught all kinds of tricks. and they provide much more companionship than an amphibian or reptile … which, let’s face it, are high-maintenance low-reward pets.

  5. Posted by: Katie

    Sorry to hear about your critters:( Did you guys handle them? I’ve heard that salamanders are ultra sensitive and should be handled as little as possible. I second the recommendation of a rat. They are fantastic pets! I can’t wait to get one for our family when my son is a little older. How old is your youngest?

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