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  1. Posted by: Jennifer Cox

    Not only is it a great message, but I love the design of it too!

  2. Posted by: Julie

    Actually, most general practitioners, DOs, and pediatric offices have similar signs up all year long, although maybe not as whimsical in color or design. While pharmaceutical companies seem to be pushing over-medication (as seen with the abundance of commercials advertising drugs), doctors here in the states, for the most part, are NOT medicating the masses while disregarding the most basic understanding between a virus and bacteria. Although it’s very easy to play the “Europe makes sense, the U.S. is infested with stupidity” game, let’s not. We have wonderful doctors and practitioners here who work in the best interest of their patients.

    • Posted by: Yolanda Edwards

      Hi Julie,
      I’ve been in lots of doctor offices, from conventional to way-out-there, and never seen signage that with anything similar to this message, but I most definitely have used clipboards and pens in their offices from pharmaceutical companies. But regardless, I certainly wasn’t saying anything about the wonderful practitioners we have in the States…I was not saying that the U.S. is “infested with stupidity”. I just thought the sign was cool.

  3. Posted by: Carmie

    Are you talking about me :) I do think the sign is great.


  4. Posted by: Carmie

    Are you talking about me ? :) I do think the sign is great.


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