I saw these stroller muffs on a stroller in our favorite Tribeca coffee shop (Kaffe 1668) the other day, and all I could think is how I would have killed for these when my daughter was in a stroller! They are toasty, and they look great, and they just stay on the stroller, so you […]


Sledding, skiing, skating… We do it all. But this no gear, low effort, high reward winter activity wins extra points. Making snow angels is so simple and so right on. Bundle up from head to toe. Jump in the white drifts. Move those legs and arms back and forth. Catch snowflakes in your mouth. Perfection.


At a recent play date, a neighbor mom snapped this shot of our kids acting out a scene from ‘Frozen’ on their basement stage, which she decorated with holiday lights for extra ambiance. Considering the frequency of spontaneous dance parties and variety shows directed by my daughters, this is now on my wish list. If […]


The Polar Vortex that’s forced us into hibernation this month has left me, along with legions of Midwestern parents, weary of constant school closings, fearful of cabin fever, and desperate to push my kids outside in their snow pants. And then there was this. I drove home the other night, bundled in my parka, and […]


It’s been cold for months in NYC, really cold at times. This has led to a tremendous amount of indoor family togetherness, which, in turn, has resulted in a constantly messy house, lots of squabbling, and some truly inventive name calling. It hasn’t been all bad, a few new cocktails have been explored, we introduced […]


We are all about finding new salves and balms for the winter–for ourselves and our kids. This one called Potlatch Hand Salve, is one of our new favorites this season. Besides the fact that it has been keeping our hands from cracking/flaking this winter, we love the packaging, and the story behind it. Merryl Spence, […]


This year we discovered this balm from Pasolivo Olive Oil in California, and it’s our new favorite. It’s a bigger stick than just a regular lip balm (think Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker size!), which means that, besides using it on chapped lips, it’s easy to rub on cheeks or hands that need it. It’s also […]

indoor trampolines

Every year we go through the same thing–it’s so frigid outside that it’s hard to imagine running the kids around for any length of time. I was thinking about getting one of these indoor trampolines that folds up for relatively easy storage. What do you think? Any suggestions or thoughts? (This one is from Galt.)

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