Pilar’s post about collecting vintage Hardy Boys books inspired me to seek out stories of my favorite childhood detective, Trixie Belden. Score! I found a bunch on eBay and Etsy featuring this scrappy 13-year-old amateur sleuth and her trusty Bob-Whites of the Glen crew.  If you have a middle grade reader, they may find Trixie […]


We picked up My Learn to Cook Book for about 50 cents at a garage sale recently. The illustrations are fantastic, and although some of the recipes are outdated (it was printed in 1973) it still holds up. Mostly, it is just beautiful to look at–I would even consider dismantling it and framing some of […]


We have a ton of kid cookbooks—many of them came from the good old Cookie Magazine days, when we were sent cookbooks to check out. But none of them are as brilliant in their set-up as this one we just found in a thrift store, Dinner’s Ready Mom, first published in 1986. I can’t speak […]

sense of wonder

“One stormy autumn night when my nephew Roger was about twenty months old I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the beach in the rainy darkness. Out there, just at the eve of where-we-couldn’t-see, big waves were thundering in, dimly seen white shapes that boomed and shouted and threw great handfuls […]


If you’ve been reading Momfilter for a while, you know we dig vintage books, and especially when they’re photographed. I found this French one, which has an English version too, in a Salvation Army in upstate NY. And while you can buy it in an English version online, I kind of like the idea of […]


I recently stumbled upon all of these Munro Leaf books I have never seen before. This Geography Can Be Fun book is great, from the graphics to the information–the way it’s presented, and the tone. I know many of his books have been reprinted (Manners Can Be Fun, How to Behave and Why), but these […]


I’ve written about my obsession with kids’ books that are photographed, not illustrated, and especially ones with animals. Well here’s a giant one on cats, and I love the added layer of the embroidery. Perfect for a cat lover, or any age. You can find them used on Amazon.

opener airplane

This is one of those books that is such a sure-fire hit for a birthday gift, for the kid that’s into making paper airplanes. Yes, this book takes making paper airplanes very seriously. Personally, I just dig the way it looks. I’d even like to dismantle it and frame the pictures. You can buy it […]

push pull tana hoban

One of our favorite books we’ve read throughout the years is Push Pull Empty Full by Tana Hoban. Yes, we still read it to our 8 year old on very late bedtime nights when I need to get through a book in about 20 seconds flat. It’s beautifully designed, and the photography is great. It’s […]

brian wildsmith

If you don’t know the artist Brian Wildsmith, you need to. I bought three of his vintage books at a library sale, and I love them so much, I want to get every single page framed. You can find them pretty easily, like the Circus book on this link.

pinocchio opener

I think we have at least three copies of different Pinocchio books—every time I see one for cheap at a garage sale, I have to buy it, as I imagine that it will make a perfect gift for someone. But I think we finally happened upon the best one. This Pinocchio from 1968, functions a […]


We recently retrieved my husband’s childhood collection of Hardy Boys books. When realized that some of them had been his own dad’s from the 1940s, we decided to go on eBay to fill out the collection with vintage copies. They’re relatively inexpensive, you can often buy a complete set, and they look great on a […]

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