Charting the World

It figures that as soon as I write about how difficult it can be to find standout children’s nonfiction, a slew of books come along to prove me wrong. The latest discovery is Richard Panchyk’s, and where Winter’s Tail placed its real-life subject matter into a children’s-book format, this is more an adult-style book made […]


This is actually the second in a series of posts I began last fall; once again, I’m relying heavily on my blog’s only assistant editor, 13-year-old Elizabeth, the older sister of one of my older son’s best friends. (Without her, I wouldn’t have a prayer of being able to cover these books—so again, thanks, Elizabeth!) […]

traveller in time

I’m not much of a reader of modern fiction (and if you’re wondering what this has to do with children’s books, bear with me—I’ll get there). Given the limited time I have for reading at this parenting-laden time of my life, I want to be sure that when I embark on a novel, I really, […]

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