kaiser farmers market

If you’re a New York based reader, you might not know about Kaiser Permanente, a health-care provider and insurer (actually the largest non-profit health care system in the country) that has many hospitals in California, Colorado, mid-Atlantic, Hawaii, and then some. We are so impressed that they are so concerned about walking the walk in […]


The Ludwell Post Office Store in the English countryside is something I wish someone would copy and roll out in small (and big) towns across this country. It’s a small store, which has everything you need. Vegetables from the local farms sit next to a bin of wrapping paper, lovely Wiltshire local cheeses across from […]

waitrose parking

We’ve waxed on before about our love for the English grocery chain Waitrose…but on a recent trip, I noticed their priority parking for parents with kids, and fell even more in love with them. The best parking spots, devoted to families. I think Ikea does this too. Any other big companies you know of that […]

allergy free kit

I was surprised how much my daughter loved the American Girl doll her grandmother bought her for her seventh birthday, since Amelia had been completely uninterested in Barbie, Groovy Girls, princesses, and all other dolls up until then. Go figure. When I showed her that American Girl made a special Allergy-Free Lunch set, which comes […]


Waitrose, which is something like the Whole Foods of the UK, has a great program called Community Matters. Each month, each store picks three local charities to support. When you check out, you’re given a token, which you then place in the box of the cause you want to give to.

cooked goose

We were in Rhode Island last week, at a great breakfast/lunch spot called The Cooked Goose. When I ordered coffee, they poured me a cup, and then left me with the thermos pitcher, so I could pour my own as I wanted it. Such a simple and great idea, and I’ve never seen this anywhere […]


We loved this idea from a London-based Mexican restaurant, called Wahaca, which is owned by a great chef named Thomasina Miers. Rather than give away real matchbooks, they give away these Serrano chili seeds for you to plant.

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