Our friend and contributing editor Maca Huneeus gets around, so when she says that a kids store is amazing, we listen. Tantrum is in San Francisco, in the Cole Valley neighborhood, but you can order from them online, and you should. From a clever selection of books (lots of Bruno Munari, one of our favorites!) […]


Our friend Emma is an ardent researcher, so when she found this trampoline that’s small enough to fit in a Brooklyn backyard (it’s 7.5 feet in diameter), and she said it did well in reviews, we bought one too. Rain or shine, both of ours have served us well. We’re not going to get into all […]


During a recent trip to Italy, we met some Italian friends in Orvieto for an evening stroll and dinner. With our two little boys in tow, they took us straight to Bottega Michelangeli. Stretched across a series of storefronts on a narrow cobblestone side street, the five-generation wood atelier specializes in beautifully designed, hand-crafted wooden […]

rocking horse

Just because you are a new parent doesn’t mean all your good design taste has to go out the window. Choosing great looking kids’ toys that may have to live out in the open can be a challenge, particularly if you do not have the luxury of spaces dedicated solely for kid play. Big plastic […]


We haven’t had much success with the standard small containers of bubbles. Once opened, maybe a half dozen ordinary bubbles take flight; and then my two year old either ingests the rest of the solution or knocks it over on the ground within five minutes. But this giant bubble wand that my mother-in-law surprised my […]

whirly opener

We got one of these toys from some school event, and it came with no packaging, no name, just “Toys” written across the top. And somehow, this toy has become a family favorite–our dog starts jumping up at the mere glimpse of it,; our daughter squeals; and even I (not one for physical games), get […]

We were recently exposed at a friend’s house to Mad Cow, Bed Bug, e-Coli, and Swine Flu in one fell swoop. That is, the stuffed animal versions that are a million times the actual size of these pesky microbes. I have to admit that I was a little caught off guard when my daughter ran […]


Leave it to the Japanese to come up with an awesome wooden toy phone. Of course there was nothing out there like this when our daughter was of toy phone age. (The ghost of her plastic Barbie “Blackberry” still rings from the depths of her toy basket.) This has made it into my top gift […]


Besides being the best-looking swing we have ever seen, we appreciate the irreducible simplicity of its design. Made of thick felt, the swing, which hangs in a doorway, comes in a bunch of different beautiful colors and can hold a baby of up to 24 months. This summer we got to visit the studio and […]


Apparently the Brits have been using these Gamma oversized foam tennis balls to train their young Wimbeldon hopefuls for years. I only recently discovered them when my son’s tennis teacher pulled a bunch out on his first lesson. Fantastic even for grown-ups starting or getting back into the game, these foam balls are a bigger target […]

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