The New York-based fashion photographer Mei Tao has an enviable look that is both casual and just the right amount of fashion-y. She has an uncanny knack for pairing classics with a bit of whimsy—as well as for the great sample sale or big-box store find. What she’s wearing right now: A painter’s t-shirt from […]


My dear friend Mimi is very pregnant (due in June), and carries in the way that you can’t see it anywhere except in her big bump! (I certainly wasn’t so lucky.) When I was visiting her last week, she had the cutest black dress on, with tights and little ballet flats. She got it at […]

sarah opener

Every day in our office at Condé Nast Traveler, we get to work with our wonderful fashion director and friend Sarah Meikle. And every day we end up asking her about every single thing she is wearing. Today she gives us the full scoop. What makes the uniform the uniform? My uniform consists of mixing […]

gold shoes

Pilar was wearing these gold slippers this weekend that she got on sale on Amazon for something like $13. (They aren’t showing to be that cheap right now–they are closer to $35.) For a shoes-off house these are a perfect way to dress up whatever you’ve got on, and also have a little lift. We […]


Some people just have a knack for layering bracelets and cords on their wrists. And while I myself feel self-conscious beyond two bracelets, I love the way it looks. This week I took a picture of my friend Ayesha’s wrist on Monday (see above), and then yesterday, she had a whole new look going on […]

cole haan 1

Yesterday I ran into Karen, a mom I know from school, who had on these super flattering shoes from Cole Haan. She told us they’re so comfortable that she is planning to get them in more colors in case they discontinue the style. Although she did say that the nude color does elongate the leg…which […]


Our friend Rachel had the cutest clutch the other night, which she told us her 9 year old daughter had made at a birthday party. It’s a duct tape clutch–which I didn’t realize was a thing–until I googled it, and found numerous instructional posts and videos on making them. I think the key is in […]

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 6.42

You’ve probably seen an adult fashion story or two about taking an outfit from day to night. Well, Minneapolis fashion designer Anne M. Cramer has the kid version down pat. Her new line for little ones—called Annie—has that playground-to-party ease every practical mom and twirly-skirt-loving daughter can agree on. Who says a silk skirt, when smartly […]


We ran into our friend Cynthia Rowley last night, and fell in love with her leggings, which she told us are pretty much like a Spanx/legging combo. They’re called bonded leggings—they’re thick enough to wear as a pant (not see-through at all) and warm enough for winter.


We love how our friend Jen stitched together her husband’s sweater filled with holes…even though the stitches are very rudimentary, the effect is very cool. Reminds us of what we see in our favorite Japanese stores like 45 RPM or Trico Field.

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