I recently watched the 60-Minutes Sports segment on Lionel Messi, who is essentially the Michael Jordan of soccer. For so many of our kids who live and breathe soccer, he is the best role model we could ever hope for. In addition to being the finest soccer player of all time (the words “physical genius” […]

shin socks

I’m sure this is not breaking news to the more Senior Soccer Moms out there, but somehow, after shuttling my two midfielders back and forth from field to field for the last three years, I have just now discovered the genius of the Shin Sock. They are exactly what they sound like — shin guards […]


When I was fifteen my parents took me to see Damn Yankees, a hit Broadway musical in which a paunchy fifty-year old real estate salesman named Joe Boyd is tempted into a bargain with the devil and becomes Joe Hardy, a fleet, hard-hitting centerfielder. Joe leads his feckless Washington Senators against the hated Yankees until…well, […]


Apparently the Brits have been using these Gamma oversized foam tennis balls to train their young Wimbeldon hopefuls for years. I only recently discovered them when my son’s tennis teacher pulled a bunch out on his first lesson. Fantastic even for grown-ups starting or getting back into the game, these foam balls are a bigger target […]

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