When I was a kid, my mom used to make Dutch babies (they’re also called  German pancakes, Bismarcks, Dutch puffs and probably a few other names), and it always made breakfast feel special, fancy even, and we loved to sit by the oven peering in the window and watching as the flat batter puffed dramatically […]


Recently we got our hands on some candy from the Organic Candy Factory. We opened up a bag of the fruit slice gummies in our office, and the whole day, colleagues came in and out asking for more. There’s something about the kind of sugar they use–it’s a bit more coarse than regular gummies, that […]


Last year a few days before Mother’s Day, I was talking with a few moms about their plans for that day when everyone (a.k.a. spouse) is supposed to do everything perfectly. One mom, rather conspiratorially, admitted that she hated breakfast in bed. One by one, the others chimed in. The complaints ranged from the maple […]


Have you had these Justin version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup? Not that I don’t love a Reese’s, but these are made with dark chocolate, and are just a little teeny bit less sweet than the Reese’s. My idea of heaven is one of them along with a cup of milky tea. I thought […]

korean bath towels

If you’ve ever been to a Korean bath/sauna/spa and had a body scrub you’ll never forget the amazing amounts of dirt and grey rolls of dead skin that came off your body. The secret is the Korean Italy bath towel. You soak your body in water and, without soap, start to rub the towel/mitt over […]


I think my husband should have made last night’s dinner tonight–grilled steak over arugula salad, with fries. Not that we’re big on Valentine’s Day (I mean as a couple we’re not, as parents, yes!), but there’s just something about serving fries at home that feels special. I’ve had very successful sweet potato fries from the […]

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