The other day I saw this little boy reading to his sister while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Apart from the poignancy of the scene–a very patient older brother trying to soothe his squirmy toddler sister–it occurs to me just how much older siblings assume the role of parent, especially in larger families. […]


My husband bought this Casper record at a yard sale for a buck last summer and my kids are obsessed! The company was created in the 1940’s and it specialized in kids’ music and stories. Our Casper record is full of crazy over-dramatic witches, ghosts and monsters. When the record is playing, my very active […]


In my family, Scrabble is a blood sport. Specifically when played by my youngest sister, Leslie. Often I don’t even have my coat off and she’s already got the board in her hands, a little smile on her face.  “Scrabble?” she’ll say casually, as though it were merely a pleasant way to pass the time […]


About a year ago, my younger of our two sons started to reach a point where he was old enough for a real, interactive relationship with his brother, then five. An only child myself (actually, I have a grade-school-age half-sister, but in terms of upbringing I still think of myself that way), I began to […]

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