olivia polaroid

One of our friends, a Momfilter contributor, ran into another friend of ours, the prop stylist Olivia Sammons, at drop-off last week. Check out this clever idea she had: “Cy (my middle son, age 5) started Kindergarden yesterday. He was a little nervous and I had the idea to take a Polaroid of us together […]


I am an entertainment journalist and travel writer. My kids – two girls ages 6 and 10 – are old enough now to complain that I leave on “fun trips” without them and don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to come along. (Despite the fact that they occasionally do, but apparently that’s […]

girl guide

I never got to attend Girl Guides. By the time I was old enough my sisters were finished with it and my dad had died. Even if we had been able to afford it I think my mum knew better than to put her high anxiety/overly attached 6 year old in a group that included […]

jaime rugh dolls

For the most part, traveling parents aren’t fun for young children. In our home, it’s gone from the children being too young to understand why dad’s gone a few days here and there, to knowing where he is, but dealing with the heavy hearted feelings of longing for his return. My husband’s job goes in […]


There’s a lot of anxiety-producing change going on these first few weeks back at school.  New grades, classes, teachers, friends and a whole bunch of new rules to follow (like no-lovies in the classroom).  We love our friend Heidi’s ingenious and unobtrusive way to give a little extra assurance to her kids.  She sends her […]

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