We’re in love with these sandals that our friend Jen had on the other day….they are made by Charlotte Stone and on sale at Need Supply ($133). They are narrower than a Birk, which makes them more attractive on the foot. And while we love us a Birkenstock, we aren’t going to wear them out […]

kino sandals 1

We know, it’s not summer yet, but thinking ahead…we love these Kino sandals that are handmade in Key West, and since they take a little planning ahead (2 weeks from when you order), they’re good to know about now. First of all, they’re super cute and comfy (leather upper and rubber bottom), but they’re also just […]

toms sandals

Yes, it might be the final installment of the “series” (!) but we had to post these cute wedges from Tom’s. Both our friend JJ and Melissa have them, and swear by them. They are apparently comfortable enough to hoof around in all day, but they are super cute…we’d even go as far to call […]


Reader Bethany Halford of Whoa Wait Walmart sent us in this suggestion for our Summer Sandal Series! Not only are we psyched about the sandals which she found for just under $15, we are excited about Whoa Wait Walmart, which you can follow on Instagram, or on Tumblr. Check it out!


Our friend Kelsey had on these wedges from the Gap, and they looked amazing. The thin straps make them look super feminine, and they come in a black/tan option too. She wore them all day on our concrete floors, and said they were super comfortable. And they’re only $60. I just looked online, and until […]


The obsession continues…we are snapping away whenever we see friends and colleagues with sandals we haven’t seen before. The latest one we love: the Clarks Frieda wedge sandal that comes in a blue, black, and brown suede, and are $110. Our friend Inbar had them on—they looked amazing, and she said they were super comfortable. […]

ayesha clog

Our friend Ayesha just got these sandal/clogs from No. 6. She is the style director at Martha Stewart Living, which means she spends much of her day propping for shoots (hoofing it around the city), and when she’s in the office, walking around on our concrete floors. It’s pretty much an obsession amongst all of […]

saltwater sandals

We’ve always loved the Saltwater sandal…but when we saw our friend’s daughter’s new two-toned ones at last week’s soccer game, we got really excited. After spending the last half hour (I’m serious) trying to find them online at the usual suspects (and not succeeding), I remembered that she said that one of our local stores […]


Lindsey in our office was wearing these adorable silver sandals that we were sure came from the overpriced K Jacques French sandal company. But no, they came from Zara, and they are $35. They definitely weren’t comfortable for a first time wear all day on our concrete office floors, but they are certainly good for […]


We’re loving these leather flip flops from the Abejas boutique in Houston, TX . They’re pricier than the average rubber variety, but they last longer than one season, the leather wears beautifully, and they’re not quite as casual as most (we’ve dressed them up and worn them to the office). The fact that they’re domestically […]

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