This salsa sings summer. It reminds me of eating dinner outside on the patio with candles flickering just after sunset. On the menu: Grilled fish tacos. A warm corn tortilla stuffed with grilled tilapia, shredded cabbage, a scoop of guac, and a nice big spoonful of Pineapple Mango Salsa. It makes my mouth water just thinking […]


One really nice thing about getting older, is, your friends get wiser. I have a very dear friend who is the creative director at Bon Appetit, which means, besides having a cool creative job, he also gets to learn a lot of kitchen tricks. When he and his family were visiting us one weekend, he chopped up all […]

simple app

When I get together with friends it seems you can’t gather 3 of us without encountering at least 5 allergies (which as a gluten-freer I’m all about). And cooking can be a real challenge if you have to balance dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, vegetarian… Like this alternative cocktail snack–these dishes (tomatoes // tomatoes […]


The other night my husband repurposed some roasted chicken into a completely new meal that didn’t feel like leftovers. He sauteed a mix of wild mushrooms (at Whole Foods they sell it as “chef’s blend”), made an escarole salad with a garlic-y lemon dressing, and layered the chicken on the mushrooms on the salad. Delicious.

endive salad

Our friend Liana made this fantastic salad last night–it’s super easy minus taking the skins off the citrus. Depending on what you like more and how many you are serving, use some combination of the ingredients below. You can’t mess it up! Ingredients Endive, radicchio, hazelnuts (crushed or at least halved), oranges or grapefruit (whatever […]

eggs on kale

Last week I went to Sarabeth’s restaurant in NYC, and ordered this baby kale salad with scrambled eggs on top. It was perfection, and is my new favorite thing that I crave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Super easy, it was kale with some coarsely chopped almonds, roasted delicata squash, finely grated pecorino, and then […]

salad becca

After months of dressing any and every salad with my go-to vinaigrette, it seemed time to mix things up a bit. This hearty miso-tahini dressing is delicious and works particularly well on sturdy winter greens like kale and cabbage: Use a fork to combine: 2 teaspoons miso 2 teaspoons tahini 1 teaspoon tamari 1 tablespoon […]

etti's salad

If you’re a regular Momfilter reader, you know how into our hearty salads we are. But here’s an aromatic herb salad that is an amazing side.  fantastic accompaniment to a heavy meat meal, or a vegetarian meal that could do with some real aromatics. This is our (my friend Ariel and my) version of the […]

kale salad

We know we’ve talked plenty about kale salads we love, but we had an epiphany last weekend, when we made (and dressed) our kale salad several hours before the guests arrived. There’s just something so nice about having nothing left to do when the guests arrive, except to serve the food. This salad just gets […]

tomato plate

Tomatoes in season, and in different colors, really couldn’t be more beautiful. But the way that our friend Mrs. Pai arranged this platter of tomatoes, I just had to share it. It’s so simple–tomatoes and salt, but then she put those fig branches on…and wow…amazing. (I’ve written about her  on Momfilter before–she is my friend Liana’s mom, and she’s a […]

champagne vinegar

When it comes time to dress a salad, everyone asks me to do it—even though I’m not totally at ease in the kitchen, with dressing, I just have a knack for it. We’ve written about our salads before, and our dressing, but I have come to realize that one of the things that makes my […]


We love celery root, and I’d say my husband makes a celery root remoulade at least once a month. This one was his best however, and it was the addition of lemon into the sauce, plus lots of dill, that really did it. The recipe here from Ina Garten is where he got his inspiration […]

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